Q. How much is shipping and how long does it take?
A. Shipping within Australia is $9 for express postage. Orders over $75 will also receive the option of free standard shipping within Australia.

All orders placed before 2pm will be sent out the same day. Orders are despatched from our warehouse in Brunswick, Melbourne. Estimated delivery times below:

Standard Post

Express Post

Q. Are these compression shorts?
A. No, these are not compression shorts but they are form fitting and promote moisture wicking.

Q. What is moisture wicking?
A. Many people think “moisture wicking” means moisture repelling, but that isn’t the case. Moisture wicking materials work by drawing moisture from your body, and using capillary action to push that moisture to the surface of the material where it can evaporate more quickly. That’s part of the reason why so many moisture wicking fabrics are thinner and lightweight. It’s a shorter journey for the moisture to travel, which, in turn, keeps you dry and comfortable.

Q. Do you have children’s underwear?
A. Not yet but we’re hoping to soon!